The Flow

The Flow


Aclyric on Board


  • The board is sent with a portable sticker to be able to hang it on the wall without a frame.

Story :
As my body was calming down and releasing itself endlessly in random places, l was taking a quiet walk into the voids of my body. 
Not trying to fill them; but flow with them.
Breath in. Breath out.
Breath in. Breath out.
I was letting the essence of life fill my body with presence and leaving it with relief.
With each inhale and exhale l was becoming more amorphous and open for infinite posibilities.
I decided to put all my energy to experience each moment to its maximum potential and carry it consciously to the next one.
Like water molecules deciding to stay in a river flow where they will be transferred from one wave to another with full awareness and the possibility of ending up in the sea...

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