Lay Down

Lay Down


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Suggested with the song ‘For Kenney’ form Agains all Logic.

I went home to do nothing about it. 
Because these new versions of unpredictably popping MEs were all about doing nothing but beeing something. ‘Hah!’ I said. ‘Piece of cake! Who would have hard time just beeing?! ‘
I laid on the floor, choosing one of my favorite spots at home, and started daydreaming about ‘somethings’ l can be : 
I can be myself,
I can be my self,
I can be m ys elf,
I can be mys el f
I can be either one (l dunno how many!) of all beautiful and unique combinations of the letters 
M Y S E L F .
That’s when l realized that I was like a puzzle with extra pieces in it, which needs to be reconstuctred.

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